10 Easy Preschool Crafts for Spring

With the onset of springtime comes bright sunny days, sweet chirping songbirds, and a rejuvenated energy level in The Munchkins that my patience needs to adjust to every year.  Getting them outside to explore the fresh spring climate is always at the top of my list as soon as the weather gets nice.

But here in Virginia, we can sometimes have some pretty rainy spring seasons, so it’s always nice to have an arsenal of craft ideas to whip out on chilly mornings or rainy afternoons to help expel springtime energy in children under 5.  The best craft projects, in my opinion, use the things you already have around the house.  It’s much cheaper than spending a hard earned, home based business paycheck at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and you were going to throw out that egg carton anyway.

After checking out Pinterest, here’s my favorite craft ideas to do with the kiddos this month.  May is a great time of year because it’s not necessarily scorching hot just yet, but it’s usually pretty enough to enjoy an hour or two outdoors.  It’s a great time of year to encourage The Munchkins to play in the dirt, with all the caterpillars and flowers emerging!

10 Spring Crafts for Preschoolers

This Egg Carton Flower tutorial from I Heart Crafts is definitely a favorite!  I love that the carton contains a good majority of the paint so there’s less to clean up (always a plus when dealing with messy preschoolers) but it still lets them use their imaginations and paint a picture they can be proud of!  EggCartonFlowers

This Caterpillar craft from the super-mom at We Made That is great!  It uses all those pom poms you bought for sorting games when The Munchkins were Mini-Munchkins and creates them into little fuzzy caterpillar clothes pins.  Add a magnet to the back with a hot glue gun and you have a cute, seasonal magnet to hang other spring artwork the kiddos may bring home throughout the season.  Caterpillar Craft


Don’t throw away the rest of that empty egg carton just yet!  You’re going to need it to make these adorable snails with the kids!  Check out the tutorial from Where Imagination Grows!


Maybe it’s because I’m the mom to a very energetic and curious boy, but I love the spring crafts that encourage kids to dive into the dirt and look at the tiny insects.  I think it’s healthy for my daughter too…no girl is too cute to get down and dirty in the muck of springtime.  So I love this tutorial from Crafts by Amanda because it helps them see the itty bitty bugs on the leaves on our nature walks!



Another topic I’ve noticed taking shape in The Munchkins’ preschool classrooms is that of the weather.  That makes sense…spring weather is always a little crazy with sudden rain, warm afternoons, chilly mornings, and longer hours of sunshine.

I thought this Dixie Cup Windmill craft from The Pinterested Parent was a great way to work with kids on a more advanced project and help introduce the idea of wind and its importance as an energy source.  You know, because we should teach them about the kind of world we’re forcing them to inherit one day.  Dixie Cup Windmills


And speaking of the weather, I think this one is my FAVORITE on the list…Cloud Watching Binoculars from Buggy and Buddy.  I love the idea of spending a chilly spring morning making these with the kids (out of empty tissue or towel tubes, nonetheless!) then heading out for an afternoon walk, sprawling across the grass and watching the clouds roll by.

Cloud Watching Binoculars

This windsock idea is definitely not something new…I’m pretty sure we’ve all made one of these in our early childhood educations.  But I’m including it on my list because when Munchkin #1 brought this home from preschool, he was so proud of it, I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out right away.  Check out this Simple Windsock tutorial from  123 Homeschool 4 Me for a list of really awesome instructions.

windsock craft_thumb[1]


Another craft The Munchkins were really excited to bring home and share were their paper kites, so I thought I’d share this excellent tutorial from One Creative Mommy on making Mini-Kites with the kids.  I loved how her finished products turned out, and I think this may be at the top of our own May craft list!  What a great way to use up some extra spring-themed craft paper you may have laying around the house!

Mini Paper Kites


This Flower Print from Soda Bottles tutorial by Inner Child Fun is nothing new, I’m sure.  But I like the idea of using various sizes of bottles to create different sizes of flowers on the paper, which I know my Munchkins would get a kick out of (thus keeping them busier for a longer length of time…in theory…)

Flower Prints from Soda Bottles


So I’ve saved the most complicated and involved craft for last, but it’s definitely one of my favorites on the list.  These Flower Garden Frames would be a great afternoon activity to do after a nice walk through the woods, collecting flowers and other flora from your back yard.  Check out this tutorial from The Crafty Crow!

Flower Frames


What are some of your favorite spring time crafts to work on with your Munchkins?!  I’d love to see pics and hear ideas!



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