Amazing & Non-Toxic DIY Furniture Polish

Not long ago on a random Saturday afternoon, I was helping The Husband unload his recent trip to the grocery store into the pantry.  I wearily eyeballed the can of Spaghettios with disapproval as I placed it on the shelf.  He felt my disapproval and glared back at me.

“Don’t be a snob,” The Husband lectured.  “Spaghettios are delicious.”

I grimaced at the can.  “I can’t believe you eat that stuff.  All those chemicals and preservatives to make meatballs shelf stable? Yuck.”

The Husband crossed the kitchen and picked up the spray bottle of Clorox bleach I’d been using to clean our [then] small toddlers’ toys.

“What about the chemicals you’re using to clean the toys our kids put in their mouths?l”

It was one of those moments I knew it.  I just lost the argument over Spaghettios.  I mean…shit.  If I wanted to feel guilty and insecure, I’d just call my mom and pick a fight.

But the thing of it is…he’s totally right.   I can’t lecture him like I do about eating cleaner, healthier, more natural foods when our largest organ, our skin, comes into contact with and absorbs tons of toxic chemicals everyday.

From that point forward, I’ve been experimenting like a mad scientist.  While I’m still working on some other formulas, my furniture polish “recipe” is AMAZING.

Here’s why:

  • This polish lifts dust equally well, if not better than dust sprays like Pledge or Old English.
  • It’s not going to add toxic chemicals to your furniture’s surface. Ever notice how those polishing sprays always leave a waxy film on your furniture?  What is that?  If I’m going to feel the need to wipe my hands off after swiping a bare finger over my coffee table, that’s not clean.
  • To expand upon that point, what if a Munchkin or a pet somehow ingested those chemicals?  Let’s be honest…kids and animals can be real table lickers.  All jokes aside, these toxins could easily cause all sorts of health issues for our kids that we just don’t know about yet.
  • I really like my furniture, but I’ve messed up before and sprayed the wrong cleaner on a piece here and there.  I’ve had to live with the mistakes of cleaning mishaps past when I see the damage to the surfaces.  Fortunately, that’s not a risk I have to take with my DIY cleaner.
  • So much better for the environment!  Using a spray bottle to mix and store your DIY polish means you’re not polluting our ozone layer with an aerosol can.  Furthermore, hazardous chemicals aren’t being washed and flushed down the plumbing and into the local water supply or ecosystem.
  • Much less expensive!!!  The cost of mixing this easy polish is mere pennies in comparison to the cans of furniture polish available in grocery stores.

Here’s my tried and true furniture polish recipe:

2-3 tsp olive oil

1/2 tsp essential oil scent of your choice (I’m currently using lemon)

1/4 cup vinegar

1 3/4 cups water (distilled is best)

Combine ingredients into spray bottle and shake well.  Spray lightly on furniture surface to wipe away dust and other debris.

Check out these results!




Now, I’m the first to admit that I never really bought into the all-natural, all-organic everything, zero toxins lifestyle.  Way too much work for my already hectic existence.

But as for the natural cleaning products that are safer to have around The Munchkins (both mine and those of anyone who comes to my home) and pets, I am 100% on board.  Why have those hazardous materials in your house if you don’t have to?

I also feel much safer letting my 4 year old dust the house with an all natural cleaner and a Norwex dusting mitt (also provides an extra anti-bacterial insurance, but that’s another post for another day) than handing her a can of furniture polish.  I can only imagine my self-inflicted mom guilt as I’m driving said child to the emergency room because she sprayed herself in the face.

On a final note, sometimes my favorite part of the DIY cleaners, including my furniture polish, is the fun of personalizing the scents of my concoctions with essential oils.  Right now, I’m loving the faint and fresh scent of lemon on everything, but if you have any DIY cleaner or scent combo suggestions, I’m all ears!

Happy cleaning!

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