How to Arrange a Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have been a popular method

to show off family photos, typography, and various art works for a handful of years now.  There are tons of ways to create a beautiful gallery wall in your home, and they are an awesome way to incorporate a lot of character into your decor.

If you’re going for the rustic, farmhouse gallery wall look, you may have a hodge podge of shapes and sizes to work with.  The end result of these beautifully decorated walls can be truly stunning, but they have often left me to wonder…

How on earth does a decorator arrange a perfect gallery wall without using trial and error?

I mean, why aren’t there gazillion holes all over the wall from practice hangings?

Then a friend of mine (whose home is beautiful) passed on her amazing secret for hanging a gallery wall.  My jaw dropped as I listened to her instructions…because it was so easy!  I was completely flabbergasted that her advice was the first I’d heard of it.  Now I don’t know how I’ll hang anything on my walls without it.  After trying it out, I must say I’m so excited with the finished product that I can’t wait to find another wall to play with.

What You’ll Need for a Perfect Gallery Wall

  • Roll of craft/project paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Painters’ Tape
  • Your collection of potential gallery wall pieces

Arranging your Perfect Gallery Wall

Obviously, your first step is to gather your photos, wall art, and other signage for the wall itself.  Once you have assembled your pieces, roll out your craft paper and place your gallery items on top.

Using your pencil, gently trace an outline of your frame or wall ornament onto the paper.  Your third step is to flip the piece over and measure the location of its nail hook on the outline.  (This lets you mark the same location on your outline for super easy hanging later on.)  Next, cut out your various outlines with your scissors.

how to arrange a perfect gallery wall

After you’ve cut out your outlines, grab your roll of painters’ tape and break off small pieces.  Placing a piece of tape at each corner prevents it from rolling up on itself during your arrangement run-through.

Now you can being arranging your outlines in different combinations on your wall.  Feel free to play around with different patterns to suit your preferences.  The painters’ tape protects your painted walls from chipping when the outlines are moved into different positions.

how to arrange a perfect gallery wall

Once you’ve chosen your favorite places for each artwork, it’s time to grab your hammer and nails!  Hammer your nail where you’ve marked the hook on our outline and voila!  Perfect hanging location every time!  Now all you need to do is hammer the hole, remove the paper, and hang your picture!  So simple!

how to arrange a perfect gallery wall


You will find that this method of arranging a gallery wall is really helpful to get it right the first time!  I love being able to practice different combinations on the actual wall that will feature the pictures.  Even better, the gallery walls that mix various sizes and shapes are less intimidating with this stress-free trick.  I hope this helps you create a picture perfect showcase of your family’s memories.

how to arrange a perfect gallery wall

Seriously, how simple is that?!

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Do you have a fantastic gallery wall in your house that you’re super proud of? I’d love to see it!  Please share!

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