Burlap Americana Wreath for Summer

Independence Day is just around the corner, as hard as it may be to believe…seriously, where is 2017 going?

July 4th is a very special day for my family, especially since so many of my loved ones have served in the military and so many of them continue to serve as police officers.

It may be a great day to honor our country, but it also means mandatory overtime for lots of LEO families.

Maybe it’s because of all the craziness happening in our country, but as I started thinking about my summer wreath, I decided I wanted to go with something that showed our support for the country we love so much.

There’s also something timeless and classic to good ol’ red, white, and blue.  Partnering Old Glory’s hues with burlap adds to the farmhouse charm decorating so many houses these days.

I loved adding some silk flowers and our last initial to the wreath, which was a last minute decision in the end.  I needed something to balance out the weight of the flowers on one side.  Quite honestly, I didn’t feel like making a bow.

Here’s the instructions to make your own America-inspired burlap wreath!

DIY Burlap Wreath with Alternate Ribbon

What You’ll Need:

  • Large wire wreath frame
  • 4 rolls burlap ribbon
  • 2 rolls alternate ribbon (mine was the navy blue with red and white stars)
  • Assortment of red, white, and blue artificial flowers
  • Wooden letter of your choice
  • Navy blue paint (I used Americana’s brand of acrylic craft paints)


How to make your wreath:

Pick a starting point on your wreath frame and tie a secure knot to it with your burlap ribbon.

Pull burlap through the frame, leaving a loop of burlap before twisting the burlap and lacing through the next section of the frame.

After about 3 or so burlap loops, tie a knot with one end of the alternate ribbon to the frame, and loop the ribbon through the frame a couple times.  Alternate back to burlap.

(***Quick tip…If you want to take a break from the wreath and come back to it later, secure your progress with a Pampered Chef Twix-It Clip!  These things are the best!)

Repeat this pattern around the whole wreath frame, scrunching the twists of ribbons together as you go.

Tie the ends of your ribbons around the frame to finish and “poof” the loops to fill out the wreath itself.


Arrange your flowers in whatever pattern you like best and secure the stems to the wreath fabric with hot glue.

Paint your wooden initial and secure to your wreath with hot glue.  (*** I’m hoping this sticks.  I’m still perfecting my wreath-making skills, so if anyone knows a better way to do this, I’m all ears!)

I was really please with my final result.  Now I’m really looking forward to adding a few finishing touches to my front porch as the summer heats up.  I also love that the traditional red, white, and blue will still be trendy next year.  Because let’s be honest…America may be going through a hard time now (think Britney Spears circa 2007), but she is way too classy to ever go out of style.

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