Color Schemes for your Spring Decorating

Seasonal decorating can be a great way to show your spirit for each new time of year.  There is, however, a fine line between tasteful and letting the seasonal department of Michael’s explode all over your house.  Springtime can be an especially tricky season…the variety of colors and adorable knick-knacks available (bunnies?  chicks? flowers? My girly-girl can’t resist).

Before you head into your favorite craft or home decor shop, come up with a few ideas for what colors you’re going for.  This way you don’t spend money on items you’re not going to use and ultimately clash with what you already have.

When it comes to spring, here are the color combos that can be easily pulled off in any home:

Pinks, whites, and greens


Nothing says spring more than a bouquet of pretty pink roses.  If that’s the flower going in your vases this spring, accent those colors with a light minty green and a rich shade of raspberry.  These would be great colors to use in a floral wreath or table linens (remember:  Easter and Mother’s Day brunch all in a few weeks of each other.)


Golden yellows & baby blues



Fuchsia and corals

One of my favorite parts of springtime is when everyone starts to color their yards with the bright, jeweled tones of pansies, begonias, and impatiens.  The rich fuchsias and corals are beautiful colors to add a splashy element to your season.  What’s more, these colors can blend easily with metallics to really glam it up.

Baby blues and bright yellows

Something about clear, bright blue skies and cheerful, yellow daffodils just screams spring to me.  Letting these natural colors shine through in your seasonal decorating is easy peasy since it’s a combo that just doesn’t go out of style.  The yellows can be found at your local florist or farmers markets, and blue accents can be found in virtually any home store.


Welcoming spring into your seasonal decorating gives your home a fun, fresh look as you gear up for the lazy days of summer.  It’s a great time to bring the outside in with flowers, bright and breezy colors, and lots of light.  My biggest piece of advice before you head to the store?  Start with a basic idea of what colors and items you’re looking for and remember to keep it simple.  Let the season reflect in your home, not the other way around.

Happy decorating!  I’d love to see what you come up with!  I’m sure it will be as pretty as a spring picture.


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