Easy Brass Chandelier Makeover

If building Castle O’Lemon the past 6 months has taught The Husband anything, it’s that I have expensive taste.  Oh, who are we kidding?  He already knew that.

But when we started going through our lighting budget, one thing became very clear…a lot of what I liked was not going to make the cut.  I decided to take matters into my own crafty hands and figure out how to get the look I loved for a lot less.


I found this almost-beautiful chandelier at a home consignment store that I’m looking forward to going back to called Encore Home Gallery.  If you’re local to the Northern or Central Virginia, it’s a really great place to check out when looking for inexpensive finds for your home.


I say almost beautiful because it would be gorgeous as an iron chandelier.  But alas, it’s brass.  Which may suit some tastes, but not exactly what I’m going for at Castle O’Lemon.  I wanted to go for that aged iron look, and I knew with a little bit of chalk paint, I’d be able to create something really special.

I started with a good coat of Amy Howard’s One Step Chalk Paint in Black.  This paint line is available at your local Ace Hardware store and I think it’s just as good as the renowned Annie Sloan line, and a lot less costly.  I used a small brush, also from Amy Howard, to apply the coat, and then went in with a fine paintbrush to make sure I got all the nooks and crannies of the chandelier.

Note to anyone trying this:  that was a pretty time consuming process.



I let the coat of black dry for a day and was pretty impressed with the results.  It was definitely starting to take on that pretty iron look, and had I kept it just as is, the chandelier would have easily been mistaken for iron.  But I still wanted to soften the color with some age, so the next step was to paint it a dark gray.  I went back to Ace Hardware and chose Amy Howard’s color A Good Man is Hard to Find, a very dark gray, along with her Dark Antique Wax.

I got a little nervous after applying the gray that I had just totally jacked up my project, but according to the salesperson at Ace, the wax would blend the colors together, and lift the gray to reveal the black underneath.


After that coat dried, I applied the Dark Antique Wax.  Holy guacamole, did this stuff work like magic.  It added a pretty sheen to the chandelier, but also gave it that aged iron look I was going for.  I used a coarse hair paintbrush to apply the wax and did so in a messy, X pattern as directed on the wax tin’s instructions.


I was super excited to enter our house during its construction and see my DIY light fixture hanging in what will be our family dining room.  We’re going for the Rustic Glam Farmhouse look, and I’m so happy I was able to save this chandelier from the consignment shop and give it a brand new life!




  1. Marcia Gosline | 12th Jan 17

    clever mamma!!! nice job.

  2. Colls | 12th Jan 17

    Can’t wait to see it up!

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