Must Haves for a Perfect Firepit Hangout

If you love hanging out in the yard with some good friends and family, throwing back some craft brews and lighting up the grill, then let’s face it.

You need a fire pit.

And grill master, outdoor entertaining extraordinaire such as yourself shouldn’t have just any old hole of dirt.  You can’t just dig a space, throw some random sticks in for firewood, and call it a fire pit.  This isn’t The Walking Dead (yet).

What you need is some cozy seating and a kum-ba-yah ambiance.

Our own fire pit is in its very early stages.  As we enter into the summer months, cooking s’mores over a fire with the Munchkins seems better and better.  Therefore, I’ve been searching Pinterest and the like for inspiration to create an outdoor space that is as relaxed as inviting, but ideal for hosting friends by the fire.

Here are my must haves:

Really Comfy Seating

One thing to remember about fire pit seating…You can’t go wrong with a solid Adirondack chair.  The low seats super comfy and easily dressed up for a party with some simple, themed throw pillows.

Traditional Patio traditional-patio

The other great thing about Adirondacks?  They are ridiculously sturdy…tough enough to handle even the rowdiest of intoxicated guests.  (If it’s a good party, there’s always one or two.)

Great Lighting

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, obviously light is given off from the fire in the aforementioned fire pit. But oftentimes, an overhead light can be also beneficial to your fire pit space.  At some point, the fire may go down.  Or if your summers are anything like ours in Virginia, some times it may be just too God-awful hot to start up a fire.

With a little overhead lighting, you’ll be able to see your guests when the fire’s embers burn low.  You can also use the space for entertaining when you’re not utilizing the fire pit.

Original photo courtesy of Southern Living…find the original here:


Something to Hold Your Drink

Cold beers and fire pits go together like sugar in your iced tea.  One just doesn’t feel right without the other.

If you’re going to have a fire pit in your yard, you’re going to need something for you and your guests to rest your beverages on.

One option is an accent table.  This is where you can get creative.  Try using recycled wine or whiskey barrels.  “Upcycled” galvanized metal tubs would also be great, unique additions to your space.  Even extra large tree stumps that have been leveled out and safely lacquered could be used as accent tables for your fire pit.

If you don’t want to go full furniture, you still have options.  Check out Etsy for tin can beer holders and wine glass holders that you can just stab into the ground.

Check out this Etsy shop’s amazing items!


Check out this Etsy shop’s incredible inventory!


Maybe it’s the permanence of being in our forever home, but lately, I am loving anything that puts a personal touch on our new house.  The atmosphere of a fire pit is all about that small, intimate chit chat around a campfire.

I’m a firm believer that those personal memories deserve a piece of your individuality.  So this is where you have tons of options. My favorites from a brief Etsy search (always showing my support for small businesses!) include some subtle decorative items that add a fun pop of personalization to your fire pit space.

For instance, I’m loving this monogrammed garden flag made of an aluminum composite metal.  According to its creators, it’s less likely to fade, rust, or warp.

Find this and more at this Etsy shop!

Another personalized favorite is this wooden wall plaque (that rustic look is so trendy right now and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon!). You’ll find tons of options that have cute and snarky sentiments, but after a cursory scroll through, this is the one that I loved the most!

To order this sign for your fire pit, head to this site:

I also loved these personalized stepping stones where you can laser cut your kid’s baby feet into the stone.  What a great way to preserve their little-ness as they grow throughout the years!  I also liked the idea of having a big, monogrammed rock to decorate our fire pit space.  I love a personal touch, but I also like it to be a bit different from what you’ll traditionally find in someone’s home.


Order yours here:

Proper Construction

Last but not least, if life as a homeowner (or just being an adult, for that matter), it’s that if you fail to plan, you’re planning on failure.

If you’re going to DIY your fire pit, please do something more than dig a hole, throw some sticks in, encircle it with stones, and light it on up.

That’s literally playing with fire.  There’s a whole section of childhood that was devoted to teaching you not to play with fire.  Don’t be an idiot.

If you have absolutely no handy-man landscaping skills whatsoever, do yourself a favor and look into hiring professionals for your fire pit construction.

If you have properly assessed your landscape design and engineering skills, and believe you’re up to the task of doing this yourself, I found this handy infographic that gives a great overview of constructing your fire pit from start to finish.

Source: Blog

I am the first person to hesitate when I hear the words “camping” or “bonfire.”  I’ve said it before-I’m a city girl recently transplanted to the country. I’ve never really had a desire to sleep outside.  But roasting s’mores over an open fire with family and friends on a clear summer evening?  Or cozying up to a fire with a mug of warm cider in the crisp fall air?  Well that sounds amazing.

How do you like to hang out around your fire pit?  I’d love to hear your ideas!!!

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