Plan a Pretty Easter Table (on a Budget)

Spring is one of my favorite times of year…the landscape is all fresh and green, the sunlight lasts well into evening, and the family gets together to celebrate Easter.  This is a fun time of year to add seasonal charm to your home, but it’s easy to go over-board.  You’ll always find me taking the simpler route for these events, and planning your Easter table spread is no different.

If you find yourself as the host of this year’s family Easter celebrations, here are some easy-to-pull together ideas for a pretty springtime spread:

Centerpiece with fresh spring flowers

This year, Easter falls smack dab in the middle of April.  This means that there are fresh tulips, daisies, hydrangeas…the list goes on…all available for easy purchase in the floral section of your local grocery store.  If your farmer’s markets are open already, that’s another place to find pretty blooms.  Add some water to a vase, tea tin, or bundle of mason jars, arrange your bouquet to fit the container, and you have a pretty, fresh centerpiece.

Simple wildflowers in a mason jar…such a pretty spring centerpiece!

Colorful, lightweight linens

Easter is a great time to break out the lace (but be careful…remember when I said don’t go over-board?  Keep that in mind when decorating with lace) and lighter fabrics as table cloths, table runners, placemats, and napkins.  Again, keep it simple.  If you have a full table cloth, skip the placemats and use a decorative charger.  If you need placemats, pair them with a table runner.  Don’t do everything.

I love the look of burlap with some lace accents and pretty pastels, but you can also go the bright route with jewel tones.  It’s a good idea to pick a color scheme that can be carried through spring.  That way you don’t feel like you need to take it all down as soon as the family skedaddles.

Check out this and more from Ranchesque on Etsy!


Love the bright colors in these Paisley Valentino placemats from World Market!


Servingware and springtime accents

No matter what your decor looks like, Easter isn’t complete without a feast, and it’s a great excuse to break out your china pattern.  To save on clean up, I try to use as much oven to table cookware as I can.  This way your meal becomes part of your table display and you didn’t even break a sweat about it.  I prefer the glazed stoneware collection from Pampered Chef.

You can also find fun accents such as little bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, and religious decor to bring together the whole spread.  These little touches add a fun personality to your holiday.

Incorporating little bunnies or Easter eggs, like in this flower arrangement, brings spring to life for your Easter festivities!

Sweet and seasonal favors

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times…keep it simple!  This goes for your favors too!  I personally love the idea of gifting my brunch guests with some simple flower seed packets, gifted in a little clay pot (maybe even hand decorated by Munchkins?).  I also like the idea of a simple basket filled with fresh berries and tied with a bow.  Whatever we decide to send our guests home with, it will be something simple, inexpensive, and useful.

How sweet…fill little bowls of fresh berries to send home with your guests.


Decorating your spread for Easter brunch or dinner can be the easiest holiday of them all.  The backdrop of spring with fresh flowers and fuzzy bunnies make your centerpieces and accent decor innocent and cheerful.  Layered place settings and light table linens can reflect the colors of spring and give a casual, but elegant, ambiance to your party.  The best part?  All these decorations can be found inexpensively through visiting a couple craft and flower suppliers, and repurposing what you already have.

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