One of my favorite things about moving to Castle O’Lemon was my home office.  Its previous location in our townhouse shared space with my laundry room and excessive craft supply storage.  Our new home office was originally designated as a formal living room, which just felt too fancy for my family right now.

Since the space is in the front of the house, it needs to stay tidy and organized and it has to maintain the rustic, farmhouse look of the rest of the house.  But I still want my office to be my cozy place where I’d feel confident, comfortable, and in control of my environment. (Another great part of being your own boss…you can make the workplace as quirky as you like.)

So here’s my conundrum…how do I combine my own over-the-top girly-ness with the rustic vibe that permeates through the rest of the house?

How do I combine my inner princess with my husband’s lumbersexual furniture?

Of course, I turned to my favorite idea board maker on (check out my idea boards!)

And here’s what I came up with!



The desk is a great sturdy piece that offers ample storage and enough workspace to manage both business and home.  A pretty, feminine chair upholstered with a rose-colored, plush velvet fabric balances the “heavy” look of the desk.  Likewise, a cubby-style, weathered wood bookcase is a great storage solution for your home office.  This versatile piece is great for storing office supplies, showcasing business accolades, or staging decorative accents.

To keep the space from taking on too much of a masculine vibe, a blush-colored and ornate area rug serves as a girly touch, along with an inspirational, boss-babe quote in a gilded frame.  Finally, common sense accents like a chalkboard and wall calendar help keep a home-based CEO on schedule.

Back when my office was in a damp basement, I didn’t care so much about the decor and how it coordinated with the rest of my house.  Now my office is one of the first places guests see when they enter my home.  I want the space to blend with the flow of the rest of our house, but retain my personal, feminine flair.  This little vision board is just an inspiration for the new office in Castle O’Lemon.  But I hope it inspires anyone else trying to blend the rustic look with their inner girly-girl.

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