Your Shopping List to Build a Home Command Center

If you’re anything like me, managing your household can make you feel like you’re running in 4 different directions.  That’s why it’s a great idea to have a functional home command center that helps you organize the chaos.  It’s a place where you and your family members can pause, organize, and refer to one of you needs to get your head together for what the day has in store.

Command centers come in many variations, and it’s most important that yours functions best for your family.  But if you’re thinking of creating one in your home, here’s a list of things to keep an eye out for:

  • A nice, big write on calendar

The calendar is a command center staple.  You can easily map out birthdays and special events, along with doctors appointments and soccer games…all for everyone to see clear as day.  You could even go so far as to color code it and match it with what’s written in your day planner.

It also may be helpful to have both a monthly and a weekly calendar in your command center.  It can let you hone in on the upcoming days ahead while also giving you a bird’s eye view of your month.


Beatrice Rustic Brown Framed Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar contemporary-bulletin-boards-and-chalkboards


  • Mail Sorter & Paper Clutter Collector

Paper really does seem to collect everywhere, and if you don’t stay on top of the clutter, it can very quickly take over your countertops.  To combat the paper invasion, a well-planned home command center has to have both.

You’re going to need the mail sorter to do just as the name implies…sort mail.  It only take a few minutes to figure out what’s a bill, what’s junk, and what’s something that just needs to be filed away.  We toss or shred the rest.  It’s a waste of space to keep it around.

A paper clutter collector is something that you hang on the wall to file paperwork and projects that go to a specific person.  For instance, the kids’ paperwork that goes to and from school all goes in the hanging wall folder with their name on it.  It helps them learn the responsibility of going through their backpacks every day and making sure they get communications from school to the right parent.

I’m all for anything that teaches Munchkins more responsibility.


Handmade Geshmack Mail Organizer, Three Tiered Slots industrial-wall-organizers

  • Corkboard and/or Memo Board

Chances are, things are going to get written down on little scraps of paper.  No matter how much you may resist the clutter of tiny paper scraps with notes on them, I’m pretty sure there’s not one household in America that doesn’t see them on a regular basis.

Corkboards and memo boards are great to jot down quick notes to family members or hang up special invitations as reminders that the event is coming up.  They’re also nice to use for the occasional school project you know a Munchkin is particularly proud of.


Beatrice Rustic Brown Framed Fabric Pinboard farmhouse-bulletin-boards-and-chalkboards


  • Pen holders and office supplies

A cup or a mason jar with the random pen/pencil collection is a must for your home command center.  How else are you going to jot notes down?  If you want to get really technical, have various compartments for the pens, pencils, chalk, markers, and so on.  It may not be a bad idea to have rubber bands and paper clips handy.


  • Your Quirky Self

As the central area for your personal household planning, your family’s own character is vital.  Make sure to include fun or inspirational quotes alongside the must-haves. Find a fun frame to showcase recent Munchkin masterpieces.  Let it reflect and celebrate your family’s personality…that’s what holds it all together in the long run anyway.

See what I did there? I <3 a pun.


A home command center can help the busiest family stay ahead of the clutter throughout the day.  It should be an area that lets everyone feel in control.  In the end, it’s a good idea to keep it simple.  No one’s going to follow any system if it’s too complicated.  Don’t you already have a bunch of other stuff to worry about?  Like all the “stuff” you have to put on the calendar in your home command center?  ;)~

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