Simple Mother’s Day Card

Mothers Day Card 2016

In the eyes of my parents, I have a lot of great qualities.  Remembering to send cards in time (or at all) for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions is not one of them. Mother’s Day, unfortunately, is never an exception to this rule…I still forget.  I could blame it on Mom Brain, but that would be a lie.  I sucked at sending cards before I was a mother, before I was a wife.  It’s just the one form of Adulting that I’ve never been good at.

In my defense, I’d like to say that my normal disposition is one that displays pretty consistent gratitude and appreciation for all the people in my life, especially my mothers and mother-in-law.  They’re really excellent women.

So this weekend, The Husband is working and that puts me in Supermom Homestretch for the 72 hours spanning Friday through Sunday.  Bummer that Mother’s Day this year is just like the average Tuesday, but somebody’s spouse has to serve and protect, and I’d rather it be mine knowing that his bravery and training is likely to be what brings him home at night.

Yesterday was a pretty Crap Mom Day though, and I like to erase Crap Mom Days with Fun Mom Days.  I also realized this morning that despite my numerous reminders that I gave myself at inconvenient times during the past week that I didn’t arrange for flowers or gifts to be sent to the respective mothers in my life.

I’ll say it…I fucked up.

But on the up side, I get to use my screw up as a Teachable Munchkin Moment.  We ventured out to Michael’s this morning, grabbed some fun craft supplies that, according to Munchkin #1 would be sure to “wow our grandmoms.”

Munchkin #2 picked out pretty purple scalloped cards and Munchkin #1 chose bright blue envelopes.  A nice compromise that kept the shopping trip moving along nicely.  We also grabbed a bucket of tiny foam letter stickers, a bag of various sizes and shapes of glittery flowers (“Mommies like flowers” says Munchkin #1).

Definitely be sure to check out the Michael’s app for your Smartphone…they were able to scan my phone for 40% off a regularly priced item.


We got home and had a nice little mid-morning early afternoon, finding the letters to spell out “Happy Mother’s Day” and I wrote the kids’ names on the inside of the card to encourage them to trace and sign the card themselves.  (It’s never too early to start emphasizing the importance of the handwritten note, in my opinion.)  Worked like a charm for Munchkin #1, who has really mastered writing his name in preparation for kindergarten.

Mothers Day Card Collage

The best part about this fun little hour of crafting with the kids was hearing them express consideration for all the moms in their lives, not just me and their grandmothers.  Munchkin #1 wanted me to make sure that all his friends’ moms were going to get cards for Mother’s Day and he even wanted to make an extra card for his aunt, hoping his cousins make sure to be extra nice to her.

For all of my cynicism and sarcasm, I have to say that one of my proudest accomplishments as a mother is having raised The Munchkins to be very thoughtful, kind-hearted children.  And luckily for me, I was raised by mothers who taught me the importance of generosity and compassion for others.  They’ve always shown me undying love and understanding…no matter how many times I forget to put a card in the mail.

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